After the competition MacGyver, we would like to thank our promotional sponsor Gorenje. Gorenje is currently looking for new and young employees. If you are interested in working at Gorenje you can look for more information on the link: http://macgyver.bestljubljana.si/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/promocijski-tekst-Gorenje.pdf

MacGyver 9.0

Best Ljubljana is for the ninth consecutive time organizing local EBEC competition also know as MacGyver. The competition is going to take place on student campus 3rd and 4th March 2017.

As previous years, the competition will be divided in two categories: Team Design and Case Study. The winner of each category will be rewarded and will have the opportunity to compete on the regional competition.

The applications will be open in the middle of February and with that will be also known the small case study. An innovative solution of the small Case Study is mandatory for applying to the competition

Keep checking our posts. More information will follow soon!

“Don’t become obsolete like old technology,
Keep innovating yourself!”